Tom Brady seemed unaware upon 4th-down, Bears takes win over Buccaneers

After a horrible Buccaneers three-and-out in which only 16 seconds came off the clock on those three plays, the Chicago Bears got the ball at their own 48-yard line with more than two minutes remaining. Foles, despite having an awful Thursday night from his throws, made a several clutch passes to put the Bears in position to win 20-19 with a 38-yard field goal with a little more than a minute to go.

Tom Brady had a final chance to turn things around. After getting a first down, the drive bogged down when Brady missed Gronkowski over the middle on third down and then his pass to Brate was broken up by DeAndre Houston-Carson on fourth down.

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After Brady threw the incomplete pass on fourth down, he was signaling to the officials that he thought he had a fourth down to work with. Unfortunately, it was over for the Buccaneers as they’ve turned the ball over on downs.

Brady was asked after the game if he knew it was fourth down when he tried to rip a pass into a well-covered Brate down the field.

“I knew we needed a chunk and I was thinking about more yardage and then, you know, it was just, it was bad execution. We had a great opportunity there. So just didn’t execute when we needed do,” Brady told reporters after the game.

“We just… you’re up against the clock and I knew we had to gain a chunk so I should have been thinking more first down instead of chunk on that down.”

It was unlikely how the game ended, but the Bears improved to 4-1 and the Buccaneers are 3-2, with Brady surely to catch plenty of old-man jokes about forgetting what down it was.

Bruce Arians said that Brady was aware of what down it was.

“Yeah, he knew. He knew,” Arians said.

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