The Perfect Valentine Game: Love Match

Now that the love month is about to come, this is the best time for you to place your best bets and grow your bankroll instantly!

Here in 12BET, one of the most lucrative games that  you shouldn’t miss is Love Match. This scratch card does not only bring excitement, but also a win multiplier that can be as high as 10,000!


How it works

Love Match is easy to understand. You don’t have to extend extra efforts in trying to decipher this game. If you’ve already tried playing a scratch card, this is exactly how Love Match works, except that you’re playing online.

Here, you only need to scratch the card and form a winning a combination. In this game, the angels must be lined up vertically, horizontally or diagonally for you to win. If you want to snatch a bigger win,  it is much better if you place a bigger bet. This will surely fill your bankroll instantly.


The interface

Love Match features prominent love symbols. Cupid, for example is used. This is coupled with other sweet things such as a bottle of wine, cakes, flowers, teddy bears and love letters.


Bonus feature

This game doesn’t have a bonus feature. However, the 10,000 worth of win multiplier rewards more than bonus features offered in other games.


Hit or miss?

Love Match is a certified hit. This is especially true for those who want games that are simple, yet very lucrative. To top it all, Love Match  is a game that is always available. You can still play this even if the Valentine season is already over.


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