Luis Suarez confident Neymar will never join Real Madrid


Barcelona star Luis Suarez is confident that the Brazilian superstar and former teammates Neymar would never sign to join Real Madrid from Paris Saint-Germain.

According to Suarez, he believes that Neymar has love and respect for Barcelona.

“No way. Sincerely, I don’t see it. I know how Neymar is and the admiration he had for Barcelona and his teammates. I don’t see him now going to play for Real Madrid.” Suarez stated

Going back, Neymar left Camp Nou for PSG in a record-breaking £198m summer contract until 2022.

The 25-year-old Brazilian striker has been linked several times that he will return to Spain for a move to Real Madrid. However, Suarez is certain that the ongoing rumors are not going to happen.

Uruguayan forward Suarez also defended Neymar’s decision to play with PSG.

“Neymar is a mature person who was fully aware of the decision he made. Surely he made it with a lot of pain because he was happy here. But, we all have to accept that he was thinking of other challenges and that he wanted to take them on. It was an understandable decision that he took with his family. There is no reproach, but admiration and love for everything that he gave the club and the relationship we had throughout those years.” Suarez added

Moving forward, Neymar has scored 15 goals and 11 assists for Paris Saint-Germain in 17 matches so far this season in Ligue 1.

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