LeBron James fan can get back to court after the ban was lifted

LeBron James got back. Certainly, the biggest fan makes also a comeback.

A fan of the Cavaliers, James Blair, restricted from the Cavaliers following the rush in directly on the court of Quickens Loans Arena within the Miami-Cleveland’s game in March 2013 and now allowed within the arena.

Blair is wearing a self-made T-shirt saying: “We Miss You” located on the front and “2014 Come Back,” that is written over the back, Blair used up a couple of seconds within the court along with the superstar within the Cleveland game versus the Miami, before Blair was escorted by the security outside the court. James, in fact, was not endangered by the fan and went around his route to pat him upon the head while he was swept away.

The Cleveland reported on Monday that the management had a talk with James Blair and made a decision to remove the ban after it was determined he had not caused a security threat. The Cavaliers started to reassess Blair’s prohibition prior to LeBron’s re-signed with the Cavaliers being a free agent at this summer time.

A spokesperson from the team said Lebron had not been asked within the assessment regarding Blair.

James Blair’s time of on arena fame going on a strange night within the Quickens Loans Arena.

”He said he missed me and come back, please,” ”It happened once before in (Madison Square) Garden, so I wasn’t worried. There are metal detectors here, so we were OK. I embraced it.” ” LeBron James said.

I don’t know how tall I am or how much I weigh. Because I don’t want anybody to know my identity. I’m like a superhero. Call me Basketball Man. – LeBron James

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