July 18, 2015 Saturday (EST Time) Glasgow, Scotland


UFC Fighter Information:            

Michael Bisping

Nickname: “The Count”

Fights from the: Manchester, England

Current Rank: #9 Middleweight

Height: 6’2” (187 cm)

Record: 26 Wins, 7 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)

Age: 36

Latest: Based on his 26th fights


Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last fights.

The United Kingdom’s mixed martial arts star fighter.

Best technique in grappling: Triangle

Best technique in striking: Flying knee

When it comes to his striking ability Bisping has below the average because of the massive attempted strikes but few are successfully connected to the opponent and as a result the accuracy of the strikes is below the average.

For striking defense, Michael is on above average which means he avoided the strikes of his opponent more often. He is more on capable of defending strikes compared to Leites that is only in average rating.

When it comes to grappling techniques, the takedown accuracy of Bisping is below average but compared to Leites, he’s more capable to bring down the opponent.

The defensive takedown status of Michael is above average and Leites will be having a hard time in putting him down.

When it comes to knockdown, Bisping is on above average which means he can possibly KO Leites if the given strikes were connected fatally on the weak part of his body. His ability to adapt to any situation and with the fitness comes an advantage to the match.


UFC Fighter Information:            

Thales Leites


Fights from the: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Current Rank: #10 Middleweight

Height: 6’1” (185 cm)

Record: 25 Wins, 4 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)

Age: 33

Latest: Based on his 13th fights


Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last fights.

On his 8th fight winning streak

Best move in striking: Armbar

His level in the ground game is World-class

When it comes to striking ability, the total attempted strikes of Leites is much lesser compared to Bisping and both of them has below average in terms of accuracy. Which means Bisping needs to strike more before effectively connected, while Leites needs only 3 times lesser of the total attempted strikes before landed effectively to the opponent.

For striking defense, Leites rating is on average level only and must improve before the match.

When it comes to grappling techniques, the total takedowns of Leites is few and the successful percentage is below the average level. Which means his accuracy of taking down the opponent is low and needs to improve to have a chance versus Bisping.

The defensive takedown status of Leites is low compared to Bisping. He must be aware to enhance his defense instincts in order to combat his opponent more effectively.

The knockdown ability of Leites is too low compared to Bisping and a must improve skill to take a chance to win the match. With his World-class ground game and best technique ‘The Armbar’ he can possibly defeat Bisping.

ODDS: Bisping 1.85 Leites 1.97

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