5 Round Featherweight Bout

August 23, 2015 Sunday (EST Time) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


UFC Fighter Information:            

Max Holloway

Nickname: “Blessed”

Fights from the: Oahu, Hawaii USA

Current Rank: #5 Featherweight

Height: 5”11 (180cm)

Record: 13 Wins, 3 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)

Age: 23

Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last 12 fights.

Best grappling attack is Armbar

Best striking technique is Flying Knee

Six fight winning streak

Knockout percentage is a little bit more than Charles.

When it comes to striking skills the “Blessed” is more than the average of percentage which means he is well experienced in landing significant strikes to the opponent but in terms of effectiveness “Do Bronx” has an bit edge on him.

On the striking defense mechanism Max is better than Charles but almost equal if you consider both fighters.

Grappling is his favorite technique so I’m not surprised if Holloway has more successful percentage in his career.

Effectiveness in taking down the opponent is average but compared to Oliveira that has only more than 30% of accuracy.

Takedown defense mechanism is superb compared to “Do Bronx” but almost the same level if you take some considerations from the fighters.

Submission percentage is low compared to Charles that is well experienced than him.


UFC Fighter Information:            

Charles Oliveira

Nickname: “Do Bronx”

Fights from the: Sao Paulo Brazil

Current Rank: #7 Featherweight

Height: 5’10” (177 cm)

Record: 20 Wins, 4 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)

Age: 25

Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his 13 fights.

Best grappling attack is The Mount

Best striking technique is Left Hook

Knockout effectiveness is almost the same with the “Blessed”

In terms of striking attacks he has only half of the landed attempted strikes of Max but the accuracy is in favor of “Do Bronx” and in overall striking statistics Holloway is more experienced than him.

Defending significant strikes, Charles is not left behind with Holloway due to almost equal experience in their last fights.

In takedown percentage Oliveira has an edge compared to Max but it will not be easy for his upcoming opponent.

When it comes to total types of grappling “Do Bronx” has the advantage due to quantity.

Regarding in takedowns defended both fighters has the same experience which means even Max has a bit advantage in experience considerably they are defensive.

More than half of his fighting history is almost coming from submissions meaning a big threat to his opponent.


Holloway 1.46

Oliveira 2.75

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