UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Cruz Jan 17

World Bantamweight Championship

Venue: Boston, Massachusetts


Will it be Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz or T.J “The California Kid” Dillashaw?


This weekend, the match is stage for one of the most interesting fights in UFC’s history as Cruz and Dillashaw meet to determine the (true) Bantamweight titleholder. Both warriors exemplify class and sophistication but in a dog eat dog world, only one will survive.


A trip to memory lane

Cruz’s absence in the octagon did not stem from the former Bantamweight titleholder’s volition. Injury concerns, which ranged from broken hands, torn groin and damaged knees, put a sudden stop to the so-called “Dominator,” his reign. Except for the defeat to Urijah Faber, this person has never really lost his title.


The series of unfortunate injuries gave birth to the rise of the California Kid, Dillashaw. Dillashaw was slowly starting to make waves, but it was not until he successfully defeated Renan Barao did he carve his name in the mixed martial arts world. His consecutive victories over Barao, who was then considered as the best pound for pound fighter that time, propelled him to the zenith of success.


In focus: Dillashaw

Dillashaw’s techniques elicit similarities to Cruz. That impressive footwork and his ability to remain strong in a “cardio encounter” such as the one shown in his first encounter against Barao is quite reminiscent of Cruz’s approach.


However, although he has acquired the reputation of a student that has taken a Cruz master class, his second win against Barao showed that he has what it takes to be the Bantamweight king.


Dillashaw’s main advantage stems from his visibility. He has not been sidelined and has remained active. His has good body conditioning that he will use to outclass Cruz.


In focus: Cruz

Cruz is accredited for being crafty and a superb footwork that is said to inspire or influence Dillashaw’s style.
Despite staying away from the octagon for quite some time, his well-deserved win against Takeya Mizugaki readily justifies his reputation as the dominator. The said encounter witnessed the Japanese fighter surrendering during the first round after enduring a series of heavy punches.


The said victory seems to serve as a warning that he has returned. He showed no mercy and during the said fight. It was as if it was his first title defense.


What to expect

Cruz will definitely come out strong in this match. The manner in which he finished Mizugaki showed an intense shift in style—fast, clinical and aggressive. However, the biggest question is whether his injuries were already history.


As for Dillashaw, the challenge is not only to win, but also to present a technique that breaks away from the shadows of Cruz’s style.


Indeed, this is going to be one of the most interesting encounters that one has to look forward to. The odds currently favor Dillashaw, but it seems like Cruz will not wave the white flag, much to the California Kid’s disappointment.


It is time to join 12BET for this World Bantamweight Title between the Champion Dillashaw and the #1 Contender Dominick Cruz. The strongest will unfold.




TJ Dillashaw                           0.73

Dominick Cruz                     -0.90


Changes in odds within the main site may prior to on or before the UFC Fight Night.


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