December 12, 2015 Saturday (est time) Las Vegas, Nevada


MMA Fighter Information:         

Nickname: “The Notorious”                        Conor McGregor

Fights from the: Dublin Ireland                 Current Rank: #1 Featherweight

Height: 5’9” or 175 cm.                                Record: 18 Wins, 2 losses, 0 Draw

Wight: 145 lbs. or 65 kg                              Age: 27

Reach: 74”

Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last 6 fights.

Knockout efficiency is high and no surprised that in his 18-2 record Conor has 16 knockouts and on 14th fight winning streak.

In terms of submission his percentage is low as well as in decision.

When it comes to reach “The Notorious” has 4 inch advantage.

On the overall attempted attacks almost half of them only connected to the opponent.

For the types of successful attacks most of them are in standing with high percentage of connected strikes.

Defense mechanism is over average level and this is due to the type of fighter as a striker.

In the field of Grappling, Conor’s successful takedowns percentage is really remarkable.

Takedown defense is only above average.

Key Factor:

Although the injured ribs are healed, but its still the best strategy is to hit Aldo’s ribs, which is reportedly injured before their cancelled fight on July 11, 2015. Conor is specialize in striking and by using his advantage in reaching Aldo, this will be his one of the best asset to decrease the Champion’s stamina and look for possible KO just like what happen to his last fight with Mendes. Therefore, McGregor needs not to underestimate the Champion because of his size and reach but to ensure to connect all his critical strike on Aldo as much as possible because Aldo is known to be on great stamina. According to fight history the Champion is popular as a complete fighter so Conor is not into submission as well as in decision but to take the opportunity to take advantage is the best. Aldo is quite similar to Mendes so in order to take the Champion down this will take lots of energy to stand against him and take some takedown but to ensure critical strikes that will neutralize as well as weaken his stamina and take a possible KO.


MMA Fighter Information:         

Nickname: “Junior”                                         Jose Aldo

Fights from the: Manaus Brazil                    Current Rank: Featherweight Champion

Height: 5’7” or 170 cm.                                   Record: 25 Wins, 1 loss, 0 Draw

Wight: 145 lbs. or 65 kg                                 Age: 29

Reach: 70”

Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last 15 fights.

Knockout percentage is above average level while in submission is low but in decision the Champion has the advantage and this is due to his remarkable stamina.

For the overall attempted strikes Aldo generated large figures the percentage of the connected attacks was almost in the average level.

He is also specializes in striking and most of them were on standing that landed successfully to the opponent.

Aldo is known for his defense in striking and the percentage is on the above average level.

The Champion’s effectiveness in Grappling is really remarkable and the overall takedowns are more than the average rate and it’s higher than Conor which means he can take it as an advantage but it will take time and effort to put this giant down.

In terms of submissions Aldo has the edge and this is due to his last fights and compared with Conor which is not his tempo of fighting.

When it comes to takedowns defense mechanism Aldo is really remarkable and this is due to his great stamina to stand against grapplers. The overall percentage is almost perfect according to his last fights.

Key Factor:

It is given that Aldo will have a hard time in reaching Conor due to reach advantage but he’s still the reigning Champion, a complete warrior within him that could fight against any kind of opponent like McGregor. Aldo must be very careful on his ribs because obviously it will be the best target of Conor in order to take him down despite of healed injury last several months. Both are best strikers, but the Champion will have to take the advantage by putting down Conor just like Mendes did and this will take a lots of energy (Aldo must improve his stamina in order to be successful in this critical fight). When down Aldo will implement his very strong ground game to neutralize McGregor and get a possible submission. This will be the best strategy to win compared to fight Conor in a face to face combat with striking although Aldo is one of the best striker, but we need to have an in-depth in the situation in order to retain the title for Aldo.

It’s time to join 12bet for this great event of the year the Featherweight Title Fight between the Champion Jose Aldo and the fearless Interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. There must be only one!


Conor McGregor                           1.60

Jose Aldo                                         2.35

Changes in odds within the main site may prior to on or before the UFC 194 Featherweight Title Fight.

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