Women’s Bantamweight Title Fight

November 14, 2015 10PM/7PM (ETPT) Melbourne, Australia


UFC Fighter Information:            

Ronda Rousey

Nickname: “Rowdy”

Fights from the: Riverside, California USA

Current Rank: Champion Women Bantamweight

Height: 5’7” (170 cm)

Record: 12 Wins, 0 Loss, 0 Draw

Weight: 135 lb (61 kg)

Reach: 68”

Leg Reach: 38”

Age: 28

Ranks and Titles Handled:

Former Junior World Champion (2004)

Qualified for the 2004 Games in Athens then got an Olympic Bronze medal in Judo in the summer games in China.

Pan Am Games Champion (2007)

World Silver Medalist (2007)

Important and Interesting Information to Notice:

Analysis is based on the results from her 10 matches:

Best attacking technique is Anti-game.

Best grappling technique is anything that resulted in her victories.

Fastest fight finisher.

Armbar specialist.

Ronda is a decent striker, but her overall attempted attacks are more than the average level, which means most of them are successfully connected to the opponents.

The TKO/KO total percentage was in average rating because Rousey is more focused on submission.

Submission level is too high compared to Holm.

In terms of decision it’s not for Ronda because most of her victories are coming from 9 submissions (9 armbar) and 3 by KO.

The accuracy of her remarkable attacks is over the average percentage which means she’s more effective in striking compared to Holm.

We all know that Ronda is a face to face striker which resulted to his attacking defense in an average level but tougher enough to still stand and revenge back with combination of deadly punches.

When it comes to grappling, the overall takedowns of the Champion were really impressive due to almost perfect percentage and not surprisingly with 9 armbar submissions wins within the record.

As a fearless fighter, her percentage of overall takedowns defended were only more than the average level.

Key Factor:

Obviously, the summary of her fighting background is more on submissions and takedowns. Rousey is a certified grappler specialist that makes her the reason for the explosiveness and considered as the fastest finisher in her division. Ronda’s best technique is grappling and this to takedown the opponent and takes submission. Her challenger is a striking expert and need to be aware to increase stamina and conditioning that will be use to stand against the kickboxing specialist then execute her combination of deadly punches as well as connecting her grappling techniques to force Holm to take submission.


UFC Fighter Information:            

Holly Holm

Nickname: “The Preacher’s Daughter”

Fights from the: Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Current Rank: #7 Women Bantamweight

Height: 5’8” (172 cm)

Record: 9 Wins, 0 Loss, 0 Draw

Weight: 135 lb (61kg)

Reach: 69”

Age: 34

Ranks and Titles Handled:

National Kickboxing Champion.

Different Titles in Boxing.

Important and Interesting Information to Notice:

Analysis is based on the results from her 2 matches and other details.

Her best attacking technique is obviously boxing and kickboxing which resulted as a striker specialist and has a retired record of 33 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws within her boxing career.

Holm’s liver blow is really remarkable from her last fights.

When it comes to her huge overall attempted attacks only few of them are successfully connected to the opponents.

In terms of successful attacks most of them are in standing stance which she can executes her combination of boxing and kickboxing ability to lower the stamina of the opponent and take them down with a knock out.

Unfortunately for the accuracy of her remarkable attacks was very low compared to Ronda.

Holm is obviously not into submissions but in terms of decision she had the advantage compared to the champion.

Grappling is not her tempo because she is more focused on striking techniques but the overall takedowns defended is 100% which means Holm is tough to beat in the ring.

Only one takedown but successful.

Key Factor:

From the record of 9 wins, six of them are KO’s and this will be considered as one of her best aces in the fight by implementing boxing abilities to neutralize the aggressive champion and draw a possible KO. A national kickboxing champion, in which she will be use to take advantage against Rousey. Holm best chance to stand against the champion is to strengthen her stamina and focus to improve more for the striking specialties (boxing and kickboxing) a fatal blow that comes from the combination of sharp punches along with the earth shaking kickboxing will connects with the champion would be the most effective way to take her down and draw a possible KO.

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Ronda Rousey                                   1.05

Holly Holm                                         9.33

Changes in odds within the main site may prior to on or before the UFC 193 Women’s Bantamweight Title Fight.

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