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UFC Fighter Information:            

Daniel Cormier

Nickname: “DC”

Fights from the: Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Current Rank: Champion Light Heavyweight

Height: 5’11 (180 cm)

Record: 16 Wins, 1 Loss, 0 Draw

Weight: 205 lb (93 kg)

Age: 36


Important and Interesting Information to Notice:

Analysis is based on the results from 14 matches:


Certified Olympian Wrestler Specialist and gained medals from Champion to runner-up positions.

They have almost the same fighting history, but the Champion still has the edge when it comes to Striking and Takedowns percentage.

To be more on detailed information regarding the analysis of his 14 match:

For the KO/TKO percentage, Cormier is on the average while Gustafsson edges him with the above level, and this is due to the challenger’s height as well as the good stand up.

For the Decision overall percentage the Champion edges the challenger, and this is due to his complete performance on the mat.

In terms of attacks, his striking ability is solid because of the 50% successful strikes from his last fights, and most of his attacking performance was on his standing percentage.

Cormier is more evasive than the challenger that’s why when it comes to the overall strikes that he avoided is on the above-average level.

Within the grappling field, both fighters are almost in the same level, but we must take considerations for the Champions because of his Wrestling abilities that were rewarded many times in the past Olympics.

For the classifications of his grappling techniques like submissions (same level) but on passes, Cormier edges him.

Unfortunately for the Champion, the overall percentage of takedowns avoided is low compared to the challenger.

Key Factor:

Despite Cormier’s height he’s still considered as a tough warrior to defend his title and this are due to his effectiveness in striking and overall takedowns from his last fights. The Champion is certified Olympian Wrestler medalist that must be importantly noted in this main fight. Therefore, when it comes to overall experience in the mat and no matter what the sizes are, it’s still the Champion and for you to know, he defeated Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in the title fight when the belt was stripped from Jon Jones. On January 24, 2015 “Rumble” defeated Alexander Gustafsson from the UFC Fight Night in Round 1 KO/TKO.


UFC Fighter Information:            

Alexander Gustafsson

Nickname: “The Mauler”

Fights from the: Arboga Sweden

Current Rank: #2 Light Heavyweight

Height: 6’5” (195 cm)

Record: 16 Wins, 3 Losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 205 lb (93 kg)

Age: 28


Important and Interesting Information to Notice:

Analysis is based on the results from his 11 matches.


The aggressiveness must be importantly noted.

Best grappling technique is Rear Naked Choke.

Best striking technique is beginning with a strong right punch.

His ten wins were knockout while three by submissions.

He has finished with eight fights within the first round.

According to his KO/TKO percentage within his last fights, Alexander outranks the Champion due to his above-average level of taking down the opponents.

When it comes to effectiveness in submissions, Gustafsson edges Cormier and this is due to his best grappling technique and using the reach advantage as well as the height.

In terms of Decision, the Challenger has the lower percentage based on his last matches compared to the Champion.

Doubtless that Gustafsson has the longest reach compared to Cormier, and this is due to the height advantage as well as the reason of his striking statistics was high based on his last fights. The total attempted strikes were too high, but unfortunately the successfully connected are below the average level.

Obviously, most of his successful strikes were on standing, which considered as one of his aces to stand with the Champion, but the statistic of his overall strikes avoided from his last matches was below the average level.

For the takedown average and effectiveness, both fighters are almost the same according to percentage but when it comes to takedown defended Gustafsson edges Cormier due to above higher level percentage.

Key Factor:

With the height advantage along with his long reach, Gustafsson can use this for his striking abilities starting with a strong right punch. Undoubtedly, his KO/TKO effectiveness is on the above-average level, and this is the reason why he’s more likely on launching hard strikes to the opponent resulting to knockout. The aggressiveness and his tough stand up can be use in front of the Champion to combat its wrestling specialties. According to history of winnings, they are almost the same but Gustafsson finished its eight matches within the first round, and that will be importantly noted in this fight. In this main event, Cormier will surely apply his wrestling abilities to takedown Gustafsson but when entangled together the Challenger can use his advantage to use the Rear naked choke to force the Champion for a possible submission.

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Daniel Cormier                    1.33

Alexander Gustafsson       3.38

Changes in odds within the main site may prior to on or before the main event of UFC 192.

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