Luiz Firmino vs. Caros Fodor World Series Of Fighting 27

With very little time to prepare against each other, Luiz Firmino and Caros Fodor is up for one of the greatest battles in their lives.

A sudden change
Injury concerns are common in the world of octagon fighters and the Firmino-Fodor matchup is not exempt from this scenario.

Caros Fodor was initially pitted against Mike “the Martian” Ricci for the main event in WSOF 27.  Unfortunately, with barely two weeks before the awaited fight, Ricci suffered an injury, which prohibits him from participating in this particular event.

Fodor is now left with no other option but to go against Firmino, who like him is eager to standout in this event. But it is important to note that Fodor is not the only party affected by the sudden change, this is also something that Firmino’s camp is wary of.

In focus: Firmino
Luiz “Buscape” Firmino can be considered a veteran in this field. His 18-6 record speaks well of the battles that he surpassed and failed.

Yet, what really makes him stand out is the fact that he is on the verge of a five-match winning streak that started when he destroyed Johnavan Vistante in CFA 07: Never Give UP. He went on to beat Toby Imada for the CFA Lightweight Championship eliminator and eventually won the title against Luis Palomino.

He made his WSOF debut on 2013  where he defeated Jacob Volkmann via unanimous decision and won again when he went head-to-head against Tyson Griffin.

Firmino is known for his heavy and strong punches. He also has a knack for unleashing powerful kicks and is prolific in breaking away from risky submissions.

In focus: Fodor
Fodor is best known for his impressive exploits in ONE FC. He’s also into a successful streak after snatching victories from Willy Ni and Vincent Latoel. Fodor’s record is currently pegged at 10-4.

Although there is a huge disparity in terms of experience between him and Firmino, this does not immediately make him a pushover. As a matter of fact, it was not that long since he once engaged in major fight.

His Latoel engagement transpired September last year and indeed, he could take advantage of the momentum that he has right now.

What to expect
One of the major factors that will play in this match is body conditioning. The two have to shift or suddenly engage in a different regimen and training on such a short notice.

Between the two, Fodor can be described as the more prepared warrior. He has been eyeing for this match since it was first announced and if there are any adjustments that he should make, perhaps that would be very minimal compared to that of Firmino.

Speaking of Firmino, he stressed that he is ok with the fight despite the short notice. He shared that his preparation did not really stop and readily acknowledged Fodor’s strength as a fighter.

On a closer look, Firmino’s experience will indeed play a crucial role in this match. This shall bring him closer to success. But it will not be an easy one since Fodor is also hungry for a win.

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