Italian Serie A Match Prediction Sassuolo vs Napoli

Match Venue: Città del Tricolore

Match Date:  23 April 2017

12BET (Football Tip) Sassuolo are just starting to get back on their feet after a series of run on negatives. As they host Napoli, expect the club to take this match as way of retribution to continue their winning streak.


Head to Head Matches

11/28/2016     Napoli 1:1 Sassuolo

01/15/2016     Napoli 3:1 Sassuolo

08/23/2015     Sassuolo 2:1 Napoli

02/23/2015     Napoli 2:0 Sassuolo

09/28/2014     Sassuolo 0:1 Napoli


Team Analysis


Napoli has kept true to their ambition of securing an automatic berth in next season’s Champions league following an impressive performance in Europe.

A the moment, the club’s players are fully fit with nothing to worry about other than to boost their hopes of recording a strong finish in the upcoming campaign against Sassuolo.



Meanwhile, Sassuolo may not be comfortable heading to Napoli’s ground without Matteo Politano who just received a ban that keeps him out from joining. Good thing though, forward Domenico Berardi is back after serving suspension.

The club’s recent form is obviously unstable. But the win against Sampdoria is giving Sassuolo a lifeline to battle out excellently against Napoli in ways they could.

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Surely, Sassuolo can display a good fighting chance but their strength to do more just seems inadequate to put Napoli down.


Napoli 1.36 (this odd might change)

Score: 1-3

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