Italian Serie A Match Prediction Juventus FC vs Genoa CFC

Match Venue: Juventus Stadium

Match Date:  23 April 2017

12BET (Football Tip)  Both sides are about display energy and aggression  from start. But as  the game progresses, Juventus will tactically press Gonoa to seal the match in triumph.


Head to Head Matches

11/27/2016     Genoa 3:1 Juventus

02/03/2016     Juventus 1:0 Genoa

09/20/2015     Genoa 0:2 Juventus

03/22/2015     Juventus 1:0 Genoa

10/29/2014     Genoa 1:0 Juventus


Team Analysis


The Juve has a remarkable series of feat in mid-week as they got to knock Barcelona out of the Champions League. And as they face Genoa in home encounter, they are all out to secure win in the domestic action.

Though Juventus’ next rival could potentially keep up, they will hinder Genoa from sliding goals in order to maintain the team’s good place.



Meanwhile, with the way how Juve tamed Barcelona, Genoa should triple their strategies in the coming square off. The next game is seriously one of the biggest struggles that the club has to overcome, given the fact that Genoa have lost 69% of their away matches. Winning is essentially in need here.

Photo Credit: runningtheshowblog


The match is highly to end in win for Juventus. The club has the home advantage and will be the most favorite.


Juventus 1.18 (this odd might change)

Score: 4-1

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