Arsenal vs. Stoke City

Football betting tips— Arsenal’s success in the Champions League is expected to spill over into the Premier League. Occupying the 2nd spot in the rankings, the Gunners are off to shoot Stoke with fearless goals and moves. But the bigger question is whether their scoring spree can pass through Stoke’s sturdy defence wall.

The Gunners are slowly leaving the shadow of their disappointing loss to Aston Villa. After a not so good start this season, the club has been making a loud buzz not only in the domestic league, but also in the international arena.
Playing under the so-called Group of Death, the Gunners took their first win in the Champions League against the equally aggressive Marseille. Theo Walcott scored the match’s opening shot in the 64th whilst Aaron Ramsey sealed their opponent’s fate with a right-footed shot in the 84th.
Marseille managed to control the early minutes of the match. Yet, in the end, Jordan Ayew’s penalty shot was the only score that the French club delivered.
Amidst the confidence boost gained from successive victories in the international scene, the club never forgets their ambition of dominating the Premier League. Arsene Wenger and his men are currently on the verge of an unstoppable winning streak. With 3 consecutive wins to boast, Arsenal is fast becoming a worthy opponent to clubs eyeing for a Premier League trophy.
The Potters are far from being the match’s minnow. Their current performance may not be as impressive as that of Arsenal, but their presence cannot be easily ignored.
Their last encounter against Manchester City is a certified head-turner. The match ended in a draw, which displayed Stoke’s impressive defence. Pellegrini and his men had opportunities to score, but were frequently denied by Mark Hugh’s squad. The defence wall was simply too hard to break. If only Stoke converted their scoring opportunities, Stoke could have been the match’s ultimate victors.
The Verdict: 1-0 in favor of Arsenal
Currently, Arsenal manifests a strong and powerful force, which refuses to breakdown. The victory against Marseille readily shows the club’s determination to make a great finish this season. Aside from the unscathed will to succeed, its most recent match also brought out big names that Stoke should watch out for.
First off is Ramsey, who, after fully recovering from an injury, is making a great comeback. It was his goal that sealed Marseille’s fate and brought them the edge to advance in the next stages of the Champions League.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil | ©

Likewise, Mesut Ozil is also one of the players that Hughes should be wary of. The former Real Madrid star managed to rescue the club from a dominant opponent despite suffering from a stomachache.
Theo Walcott, who tore down the match’s monotony is also a formidable threat that should be eliminated off the pitch.
As for the Potter’s side, Hughes should further strengthen their defence. Once again, the club’s ability to guard their post shall be put to the test and apparently, they would not want to disappoint their supporters.
Stoke has already disappointed Manchester City and Arsenal, if they are way too overconfident can fall into the Stoke’s defence trap. But perhaps this issue is nothing new to Arsene Wenger. Their winning streak shows no signs of faltering and maybe, just maybe, the Arsenal magic will continue.

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