Palermo vs Fiorentina: Serie A Betting Tips

Retaining its Serie A status is already a great achievement for the newly-promoted Palermo. However, staying in the top 10 makes their season’s feat even more memorable. Thus, no matter how hard the encounter is, expect them to give the online betting favorite, Fiorentina, a difficult time at Renzo Barbera.

Team Form

Palermo’s recovery from a 4-match winless streak inspires them to perform even better when they meet the Violas.

For newly-promoted squads, keeping their Serie A status is not easily achieved. But Palermo did it and even penetrated the league’s top 10.

As they approach the season’s end, the squad is determined to keep the momentum gained from snatching a narrow win against Cagliari and hopefully, snatch a strong finish.

Fiorentina’s exit in the Europa League final does not devalue their worth as a club. As a matter of fact, it even showed how strong they are as a team.

Thus, amidst the tension between Vicenzo Montella and Fiorentina supporters, the squad has no reasons to be heavily affected considering the fact that they have, indeed, performed well.

Going against Palermo, the club sports 3 consecutive victories. This can be considered as a strong response after suffering 3 straight defeats.

Fiorentina knows how eager Palermo is in snatching the points. Due to this, it is only fitting to expect them to feature in their last set of competitive matches.

Insights/ Analysis
The Violas has managed to score at least 3 goals in the 3 matches that they have won. Such performance readily warns Palermo of what they need to expect when they welcome the Europa League semi-finalist. Apparently, considering the difference in team form and depth, there is indeed, very little chance for Palermo to take the upper hand against the visitor.

Palermo 0-2 Fiorentina


Palermo vs Fiorentina: Serie A Betting Tips and Predictions
Match Date: 24 May 2015 | 09:00 EST
Venue: Renzo Barbera

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