Napoli vs. Dnipro: Europa League Online Betting

2014-2015 Europa League Predictions (Semi-finals, Leg 1)
Napoli vs. Dnipro
Match Date: 07 May 2015 (eastern time)
Venue: Stadio San Paolo

Napoli’s fall-out in the Champions League qualifiers was a total blow to their morale. But instead of remaining stuck in the loser’s lane, the squad used the experience to feature in the Europa League. And right now, the online betting favorite is just a step away from making to the final.

Team Form

The Europa League is a familiar territory of Napoli, having won the title in 1989. Together with Sevilla, they comprise a roster of former Europa League titleholders.
Considering this aspect at hand, it is evident that the squad does not only capitalize on its home court advantage. It will bank on the experience that was handed over by their illustrious past and of course, their spectacular performance this season.
To note, the Partenopei is the tournament’s top scorer, having netted 25 goals since the group stage. This feat is no longer surprising since they also hold the record of having the most attempt this season and with Gonzalo Higuain with their side, it is almost impossible for them to not score. Higuain, for one, is the only top scorer left in the semis.

Dnipro endured a long journey before they reached the semis. They have been playing in the competition since the third qualifying round.
Due to this, having fresh legs might generate problems for the club. Their domestic and European duties have been very demanding and erratic that they may not have enough strength to advance in the competition.
Moreover, they will definitely trail Napoli when it comes to experience since this is the squad’s first semis appearance.

Insights/ Analysis
As mentioned, Napoli is the favorite of the match. However, despite Dnipro’s lack of experience, it is less likely for them to waste the opportunity of snatching another “first” and that is to advance in the final.
There is a possibility for the match to end in a stalemate

Napoli vs. Dnipro: Europa League Betting Tips and Predictions
Match Date: 07 May 2015
Venue: Stadio San Paolo

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