July 11, 2015 Saturday (est time) Las Vegas, Nevada MGM Garden Arena


MMA Fighter Information:         

Conor McGregor

Nickname: “The Notorious”

Fights from the: Dublin Ireland

Current Rank: #3 Featherweight

Height: 5’9” or 175 cm.

Record: 17 Wins, 2 losses, 0 Draw

Wight: 145 lbs. or 65 kg

Age: 26

Latest: On his 13th fight winning streak


Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last fights.

Striking skill of Conor is average, and the total attempted strikes were few but effectively connected on an average level which means his accuracy rating is high. Most of the connected strikes were on standing position.

Best Striking attack: Knee

Striking defense of McGregor is above the average which means he is tough to hit due to his height and reach.

Grappling skill is above average, which means the percentage of taking down his opponent is high and the possibility to knock out the opponent.

Best grappling attack: Rear Naked Choke

Takedown defense is really remarkable because the total takedowns avoided were perfect, which means his defensive mechanism for the knockout is high.

Conor must aware that taking down Mendes will be very tough to do (relying on his last fight with Jose Aldo was unanimous decision) He must use his height and daunting eight inch reach advantage to weaken Mendes. His devastating striking skills must be sharp and right on time to connect most of them and this is to lower his stamina and bring a possible knockout.


MMA Fighter Information:         

Chad Mendes

Nickname: “Money”

Fights from the: California, USA

Current Rank: #1 Featherweight

Height: 5’6” or 167 cm.

Record: 17 Wins, 2 losses, 0 Draw

Weight: 145 lbs. or 65 kg

Age: 30

Latest: Won six of his last seven fights


Important Skills to notice:

Analysis is based on the results of his last fights.

Striking capability of Mendes is on average and his total attempted strikes was double the amount compared to Conor’s total attempted strikes, which means Chad needs to strike a lot before decently connected with the opponent.

Best asset: Wrestling, Speed, and Power

Favorite technique: The Wushu finger hold

Striking defense is more than average, which Mendes is tough to hit because of his speed.

Grappling skills is very remarkable because of his total takedowns but with an average rate when it comes to effectiveness to the opponent, but compared to McGregor he is far behind.

Takedown defense is also remarkable like Conor because they are both tough to bring on the floor. Mendes defense for possible knockout is also high.

Given the height Conor is tall and really give him an advantage as well as his unpredictable kicks which improve from time to time. Mendes has the best Wrestling skills which can give him enough strength to take a possible takedown. Chad must focus on his speed and power to overcome Conor’s reach and strength, this will bring him an advantage to connect his strike and weaken McGregor then take a possible knockout or points.

ODDS: Mendes 2.47  McGregor 1.55

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