Mikel Arteta remain confident about Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League

Arsenal is currently placed at the 10th position from the English Premier League standings, and with Mikel Arteta took hands upon the things of the club’s matter, Arteta holds his head up high full of confidence on moving up from the standings with all the games they’ll be facing and to secure a spot qualifying for the Champions League seems closer than it looks like.

“At the moment we are far from it but there are a lot of games to play,” he said.

“It is very tight. Everybody is giving points away. It will depend on us. If we are able to put three or four wins in a row, we will be much closer.” He added.

The current fourth-placed team is Chelsea with 41 points; a 10-point deficit from Arsenal with 13 games remaining for the season, coach Arteta doesn’t weigh on any signs of weaknesses by the club, but rather focuses only on improvement for the whole as games pass by.

“It is our principle, our style of play and how we manage the games, how we manage each section of the pitch and clarity. That the players have clarity, that they know and they can recognise the scenarios they are facing and they have the tools for the solutions.”

Mikel Arteta was Pep Guardiola’s assistant the past two English Premier League seasons, and with his contribution to Manchester City attain its success makes him highly fond of what it takes to lead a team the right way.

Pep Guardiola gave praise and also shared his insights towards his former assistant in doing his job, saying, “I know he’s incredibly happy there. He’s doing a great job. His team when I saw some games are doing really well and I’m so happy for him.”

It may not look attractive for Arsenal from where they’re currently positioned from the standings, yet its important to take note that ever since Mikel Arteta came in to guide Arsenal, the Gunners have won one game, five draws, and lost only one out of the seven games under his control displaying an equal form of results symbolizing enough a positive impact than they were before especially with the run on their defense minimizing the number of conceded shots.

Arsenal will be playing at home at the Emirates stadium for the next three games that could give a significant moment for the group to have its mark of a winning run.



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