Josh Emmett reveals list of injuries sustained after UFC win over Shane Burgos

UFC featherweight Josh Emmett recorded one of the biggest wins of his UFC career on Saturday by getting the unanimous decision victory against Shane Burgos at UFC’s Fight of the Night, although early from the match displayed getting him a torn ACL on his left knee, his body took more damage eventually as he revealed from his social media accounts and ESPN were the first to report on Monday.

Emmett posted on his Instagram account containing the list of injuries he received with his message:
“Most people would (have) quit or looked for a way out!” Emmett wrote at the top of the list. “I will NEVER QUIT!
1 Complete ACL tear
2 MCL Sprain with partial tearing
3 Bakers cyst rupture
4 Focal impact fracture of femur on the lateral
5 Chondral defect (cartilage) on tibia laterally matching impact area

Emmett on the early first round happened to appear having his knee hyper-extended, and after the bout indicated he believed he tore his ACL. Emmett fought through it, as the two fighters continued its ferocious battle into the second round.

After 15 minutes of action, the fight went to the decision where Emmett won a unanimous decision. Upon his eighth career decision win, Emmett has won six of his past seven fights.

Being the main event last Saturday, Emmett and Burgos exceeded expectations, as Fight of the Night
became Fight of the Year from the exploded reactions of several fellow UFC fighters.

As Francis Ngannou called it the fight of the night, Cody Garbrandt and Henry Cejudo called it a fight-of-the-year candidate.

It will go in the record books as a win by unanimous decision for Emmett, but nobody was calling Burgos a loser after the Fight Night at the UFC’s Apex facility in Las Vegas.

“I said I’m willing to go through anything just to get my hand raised, and I mean it,” Emmett said. “I think a lot of people in my position, what I just experienced, would have just quit. In the first like 45 seconds, I think I blew my ACL and it was just giving out, I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was painful, but the first thing in my mind was I just have to adapt to it and fight on one leg.”

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