Gomez And Khedira Calls Germany’s England Defeat “Stupid”

Both Sami Khedira and Mario Gomez lambasted Germany’s shocking loss to England, calling it “stupid and inexcusable.”


Khedira stressed that said defeat was unnecessary considering the fact that they have a two-point advantage. In essence, this could have already given England a mountain to climb since they were already playing during the latter part of the match. It could have been an (easy) victory until Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane helped England equalized. The most unfortunate part took place when Eric Dier scored the winning goal that shocked the World Cup champion.


Gomez cannot help but agree with Khedira’s statement. He tacitly acknowledged that his team became complacent during the final stage of the match. They gave England the opportunity and in return, they wasted their own chance of dominating the match. He emphasized the need to focus despite being seated in the driver’s seat. Gomez also stressed that if the said performance took place during the competition proper, then it could have been an automatic elimination for them.


When asked about their upcoming friendly against Italy, Gomez elucidated that it will not be an easy match for them. He also mentioned the importance of securing a better result for this would readily affect their preparations for the awaited competition.


Germany will be welcoming the Italian squad in Munich. Many are expecting Die Mannschaft to put up a challenge in this encounter. Unfortunately, the team will miss the acclaimed goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, who is sideline because of a stomach illness.


Photo: [Gomez And Khedira] | ©



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