Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki claims Kobe Bryant was the best player he ever faced

It’s not a new thing to discuss for the basketball legend that played for the Los Angeles Lakers that worn the number 24 jersey in the debate of the best player to ever play basketball, or simply as GOAT, “Greatest of All Time”. Yet, legends praise legends as The Mavericks’ own legend Dirk Nowitzki believes that Kobe Bryant was the best player he ever encountered from his 21 years of career.

Nowitzki shared his insights from an interview with Shot Science Basketball channel on Youtube about Los Angeles, thus highly mentioning Kobe,

“Kobe, we tried everything, he was just – you couldn’t stop him.” He said.

“Unguardable. So one time we had him in the corner and the shot clock was going down and he was right in front of our bench. Somebody played him from the top side, so he couldn’t turn around over his left shoulder and shoot with the right so he’s kind of like stuck, then he sees the shot clock and he turns around, shoots it with the left, 3-pointer from the corner. We’re all like ‘what?’”

“His skill level was unbelievable; there was not one shot that he didn’t have in his repertoire, so to me, in my 20 years, he was probably the best offensive or the best player I’ve faced.”

The two basketball legends Nowitzki and Bryant had a quite similar path sticking to their respective teams for their whole career, with Dirk’s claim about Kobe gave him that big impact of a memory from the Black Mamba as they faced one another for 16 seasons and both ended up as Hall of Famers with major accolades claimed written in the NBA history.



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