Cute Little Monsters Turned Out To Be Money Magnets In Monster Scratch

Enjoy the possibility of multiplying your wins by up to 300 and the chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot when you play the online casino game, Monster Scratch!


The mechanics

This game barely requires you to invest in expensive betting strategies or techniques. Its goal is simple: match three (3) identical symbols to generate a win.

Unlike other scratch cards offered in the online casino gaming world, this game does not follow a strict pattern.

The identical symbols do not have to be aligned vertically, horizontally or diagonally. As long as you have 3 matching symbols on the screen, you win.


The interface

Living true to its name, Monster Scratch uses cute little monsters as symbols in the game. Contrary to popular opinion, the monsters are far from being scary. They are lovable and adorable.

In addition, each symbol has a particular win multiplier, which determines your winning amount. It is quite impossible to go home empty-handed in this game, knowing how generous it is in terms of generating a win.


Bonus features

This game offers a progressive jackpot, which can truly boost your bankroll. This feature is triggered randomly. Therefore, you can just imagine just how big your possible winnings are.


Hit or miss?

Needless to say, Monster Scratch is a definite hit! This game gives you the opportunity to enjoy more and win more!


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