2014 Soccer Slot Brings Up To 45 Free Spins And Plenty Of HUGE Bonuses

It has been a while since Germany took the most coveted World Cup trophy last 2014. However, the World Cup fever never ends—well at least not in the online casino world.


In 12BET’s Crystal Club, a World Cup inspired slot game is about to bring you new thrills and frills. Known as 2014 Soccer Slot, this game is filled with profitable bonus rounds and up to 45 free spins that will definitely make your bankroll overflow.

Soccer 2014 Slot Game

The mechanics

The only requirement of this game is to spin the reels and form a winning pattern. You do not need expert knowledge about this game because of how simple and easy it to understand.


In addition, this game is characterized by its generosity. The truth is you can already get big rewards during your first spin.


The interface

2014 Soccer Slot is a 3D online slot so expect a more enticing gaming experience. The technology used is marked by its innovation and sophistication. It also has an Auto Spin option to make gaming more convenient.


Moreover, the game has successfully emulated the 2014 World Cup atmosphere via using characters that are inspired by football icons such as Lionel Messi, Neymar and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Bonus feature

Listed below are some of the bonus features that you can enjoy in this game:

Free Spins – This is triggered by the appearance of three or more scatters. Three players will show different bonus options. But free spins are not the only one that you can get from this bonus feature. You can also get an expanding wilds and win multipliers

Soccer2014 Slot Game

Soccer2014 Slot Game

Soccer2014 Slot Game

Soccer2014 Slot Game

Soccer2014 Slot Game

Soccer 2014 Slot Game

Bonus round – Triggered by the appearance of three more bonus symbols, this will take you to an exciting penalty faceoff. You only need to convert a penalty to win profitable rewards.

Soccer 2014 Slot Game

Soccer 2014 Slot Game

Soccer 2014 Slot Game

  • Soccer Jackpot – This shows up when the Jackpot symbol appears. This feature automatically gives you a prize amount
  • Instant Win- Instant Win takes place when the Neymar-inspired player appears alongside with the football. Here, your winnings will automatically double.


Hit or miss?

Football per se is already irresistible. And this game, with its awesome feature, was able to keep up with the hype attached to the slot’s lucrative prizes.


Certainly, 2014 Soccer Slot is a game that will not grow old and will always be a major hit!

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