Prosper This Chinese New Year with Baccarat VIP

Baccarat VIP remains one of 12BET’s must-try games this Chinese New Year. It would be best if you pair this with a promotion to make your casino wallet fatter.


The mechanics

In this game, you are required to form a strong hand. This means that the total number of your cards should be nine or close to it. Always remember that in Baccarat, royal symbols such as the King, Ace, Jack and Queen do not have any value at all. This is in stark contrast to other card games where they are usually valued at 10.


If you are a new player, it is best if you familiarize yourself first with the game’s house rules prior to playing with real money. Here in 12BET, you can practice in this and try this game first before you bet real cash.


The interface

Baccarat VIP lives up to baccarat’s reputation as the game of the rich and the famous. The game’s interface shows as if you are in an exclusive room filled with a luxurious and grandiose ambience.


Bonus feature

This has a multi-hand option, which means that you can bet on different hands. This is one of the best features in this game since it increases your chances of winning. If one of your hands loses, the remaining hands that you have can still generate a win.


Hit or miss?

Definitely, this is a great hit! From the interface to the multi-hand option, this is definitely a good one!

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