Take the Road and Explore the Seven Wonders Slot Game

If you’re a true blue voyager and risk taker, have some time to appreciate Seven Wonders slot game. As the title says, this online amusement allows you to tour the world’s best destinations without having to break the bank. In fact, this online slot can give your bank roll a lot of boosting to say the least. Because in this 20 payline machine, high rewards sit and await to be taken away.



Majority of online casino games have the same rules. And this one is no stranger. You’ll need to match identical Wonders in order to win prizes. But unfolding three symbols of the same kind gives you higher reward.



Other the face of beauty, this online casino is very much educational. Each destination is provided with a little backgrounder on why they are one of the world’s most significant wonder. And if you’re sense of geography is a bit of a challenge, this slot game might just come handy as it gives you the Wonders’ exact location.


Bonus Round

If you unlock the bonus game, you’re surely entitled to select among the roster of sites on where you’d like to go—Pyramids of Giza, The Roman Colosseum, The Cathedral of St Basil, The Taj Mahal, The Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, and the Statue of Liberty.

Once decided, you will be taken to your desired place where you would have to pick one envelope. All envelopes contain different prizes and you have to carefully choose in order to get the max win.


Hit or Miss

If you’re up for a one-stop resource for travel and leisure, 12BET.COM is just right for sophisticated player who craves for exciting destination and thrilling online amusement.

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