Earn Big on Big Haul Slot Game

Start up your engine and fill your tank with enormous rewards through Big Haul slot machine. OneWorks may have designed this for the big boys, but ladies out there don’t feel so left out. After all, it’s the year 2017. So if you want to get a grip on this mechanically inspired slot and reap lucrative payouts, waste no time and keep on hitting that yellow spin button.


If you were able to hop and register from one online casino to another, this game’s mechanic is a lot easier than that. The goal is to reveal winning combinations on the reels by simply hitting the spin button.


The game is among the very few slots that feature automotive designs. Players can see cleverly crafted mechanical tools which could make them visually glued onto the screen. The list of equipment includes wrenches, tires, screws, sockets, and more.

Big Haul is a slot that’s really easy to manage. No fancy buttons—just the ones necessary to let you achieve the maximum chance of getting the jackpot. It has 25 fixed paylines, customizable auto play button, and a stake option that ranges from RM 0.25 to 62.50.

Bonus Round

Oneworks unfailingly creates masterpieces that will surely capture many enthusiasts without having to rely on bonus rounds. And Big Haul slot machine keeps this true by allowing players to effortlessly trigger high payouts through winning combinations, scatter symbols, and wild symbols.

Hit or Miss

Similar to this game’s platform, 12BET aims to deliver an excellent experience to everyone. So if you’re one to chase for thrilling and fabulous casino treats, make sure to visit this remote playhouse.

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