Casino War: The Only War Where You Win Big

Casino war is probably one of the easiest card games, which you can take advantage in many online casinos. You can master it in one sitting. Forming complicated strategies is already out of the picture since the only thing you need is common sense.
This fast-paced online casino game also guarantees lucrative prizes,

How it started
The reason why Casino War is a no brainer is that it is adapted from the child’s card game known as War. The only objective of this game is to have a higher hand than your opponent.

This is also the very mechanic that is observed when you play online.

Enjoying it online
When you play it online, you and your dealer will both have your share of cards. The one who has a better hand automatically wins in the game.

However, just in case you and the dealer got a tie, you have options to choose from. You can either surrender or go to war.

When you go to war, you get 4 more cards and it is the 4th card, which will determine the winner. In the event where you choose to surrender, you’ll only lose half of your bet. It’s all up to you.

There is also the tie side bet. In this wager, you predict that you and the dealer get the same card value. If you win, this will make your prize 10X bigger than your original bet.

If you’re tired of dealing with complicated card rules and all that stuff, you better start playing Casino War now.

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