‘Black Lives Matter’ will no longer be featured on Premier League jerseys

English Premier League jerseys will no longer be featuring Black Lives Matter badges, and be replaced by the patches promoting the organisation’s own anti-discrimination No Room For Racism campaign.

The change was announced after a conference call with the club captains on Thursday, two days before the start of the season.

The BLM logo was placed on shirts worn by players last season following global protests in support of the movement sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minnesota in the hands of a white police officer in May.

However, the BLM group from Britain have been accused of anti-Semitism and criticised in making calls to defund the police.

The league released a statement on June 30 saying it did “not endorse any political organisation or movement, nor support any group that calls for violence or condones illegal activity”.

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It added: “We are aware of the risk posed by groups that seek to hijack popular causes and campaigns to promote their own political views. These actions are entirely unwelcome and are rejected by the English Premier League and all other professional football bodies, and they underline the importance of our sport coming together to declare a very clear position against prejudice.”

English Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: “We, our clubs, players and match officials have a long-standing commitment to tackling discrimination.

“Players rightly have a strong voice on this matter, which we saw last season. We have continued to talk and listen to players on this issue and will support them as well as continuing to emphasise the English Premier League’s position against racism.”

“Discrimination in any form, anywhere, is wholly unacceptable and No Room For Racism makes our zero-tolerance stance clear. We will not stand still on this important issue and we will continue to work with our clubs, players and partners to address all prejudiced behaviour.”

The league said it would still continue in supporting players taking a knee before a match starts as their sign of unity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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