Barcelona has its internal feud within Messi and sporting director Eric Abidal

Barcelona’s sporting director Eric Abidal had himself answered back criticized by Lionel Messi through his Instagram story regarding his statement on an interview with Spanish newspaper Diario Sport, about the squad not being on top of their game under its former football manager Ernesto Valverde.

Abidal claimed that after its draw from the El Clásico matchup draw, Barcelona was already scouting to replace Valverde. He also added, “Many players weren’t satisfied or working hard and there was also an internal communication problem,”

“The relationship between the coach and the dressing room has always been good but there are things as an ex-player that I could smell. I told the club what I thought and we reached a decision (regarding Valverde’s exit).” He added.

This wasn’t pleasing to the Barcelona captain, as Messi responded posting a story encircled with Abidal’s quote saying, “I honestly do not like doing these things, but I think everyone has to be responsible for their tasks and take care of their decisions. The players are responsible for what happens on the pitch and we are also the first to recognize when we’re not doing well.”

Messi then wrote below, “Those responsible for the sports management must also assume their responsibilities and, above all, take ownership of the decisions they make. Finally, I think that when talking about players, names should be given. Because if not then we are tarred with comments that are said and are not true.”

Getting through to this crisis, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu had to call an urgent meeting between the two to ease its tensions within the organization.

Sporting director Eric Abidal and Lionel Messi were former teammates from the year 2007 up to 2013



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