Sic Bo tips to increase chance of winning

Enjoy your favorite three-dice casino game here at 12BET as we also bring tips for you to take note to beat the house edge and have the winning side of the table!

Let’s start with knowing about how a player is able to win playing Sic Bo.

Before the three dice to be jumbled, players would try to guess what would be numbers to appear next on each die from 1 to 6.

Meaning, multiple options to select for players to place a bet such as Big/Small, Odd/Even, Two of a Kind, Three of a Kind, and many more combinations, yet we’ll focus more on the strategy for your betting decisions.


These two type of bets have the most highest chance to win frequently, with nearly 50% on winning yet it’s a 1:1 payout, very likely placing a bet on red or black in Roulette.


This means to place a bet on a single number you prefer to choose.

In example; placing a bet on 5

The next round, you hope a die would display 5 for you to win

If two die displays 5, your payout is 2:1
If all die displays 5, your payout is 3:1
If no die displays 5, you lose your bet.

Despite having three chances for your number to come up every round, same goes with the rest of the numbers, so proceed with caution.


Another good type of bet for players to tackle with is using combination numbers.

Players bet that two numbers will show up on the dice. For example, let’s say you place a combination bet on 3 and 6. If all three die show up with a set of 3, 3, and 6, the player wins. If 3 or 6 is missing from the round, the player lose the bet.


Since triple bet has the most rewarding return of payout when all three die show the same numbers, this should be the most avoided type of bet, especially when you have low budget due to having the lowest probability to happen.

So Big/Small, Single Number, Combination Numbers, are the best option to use to lessen the house’s edge, while with a little combination in case you can take the risk, add a mix with these types of bets mentioned to keep you in a good position.

For example, placing a 2x bet on Big and a bet on 10 as total sum. (take note on bet sizing with the reward)

In this case, covering the numbers 10 to 17 gives a better ratio to win than losing from numbers’ 4 to 9. That’s eight digits against six.

There’s no guarantee of winning when playing Sic Bo, since this casino game is all about luck and no strategy is best fit to win, so the key here is reduce the house edge, utilize the low risk type of bets mentioned, and manage your budget.

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