Ace That Hard And Soft Hands In Blackjack

The so-called hard and soft hands in black explain why blackjack is a casino game, which can be beaten legally. The existence of this rule shows that players can use their knowledge to destroy the house.

Ace, the IT card
Ace is considered as the IT card of the game. It is the card, which gave birth to the hard and soft hands in blackjack. Compared to other games, wherein the Ace only performs a single function, Ace performs two roles. It is not called as the IT card for nothing. In blackjack, it can take a value of one (1 )or eleven (11).

The hard hand

A hard hand in blackjack means that the Ace can only take a value of 1. To illustrate this batter, let’s say, that your first two cards are comprised of a four (4) and an Ace. The combined value of these cards results to fifteen (15), which is considered as a weak hand in blackjack. Usually, players would go for a hit, which means that they will ask for another card so that their total card value gets a twenty-one (21) or at the very least, close to it. Unfortunately, the third card is an eight (8). Obviously, this means that the Ace can no longer take the value of 11. Doing so will result in a bust since the total value of the three cards is twenty-three (23).

The soft hand
You have a soft hand if the Ace can take a value of 1 or 11. Assuming that you have a four (4) and a six (6) and since its total value is 10, you asked for another card and gets an Ace. In this scenario, if the ace is valued at 1, your hand gets a mere 11. But if you choose to have the Ace take a value of 11, your total card value results to twenty-one (21). In the said scenario, it is evident that you’d rather have the Ace valued at 11 than 1.

Blackjack’s hard and soft hands, if understood carefully are indeed, one of the best ways to dominate this casino game. However, it is enough that you know how these hands work. You should also know how to use them sparingly.

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