999.9 Gold Offers Easy Breezy Way To Multiply Prizes By 1000

You do not have to dig deep and reach the earth’s edge just to look for hidden treasures, which you don’t even know if they really exist. With the online casino game, 999.9 Gold, you can easily multiply your initial bet by up to 1,000! And this is without exerting a single amount of effort.


The mechanics

Similar to any scratch game, 999.9 Gold will only require you to obtain three (3) matching symbols. That’s all it takes for you to generate a win. But here’s the catch, you are also not required to form winning patterns out of the matching symbols for you to be entitled to a prize. When the 3 identical symbols have already cropped up, you’re bankroll will immediately get a boost.


The interface

Gold bars are featured in this particular game. Apparently, it is not called 999.9 Gold for nothing.


Bonus features

Hitting the 1,000X win multiplier is as good as entering a bonus round. Thus, even if this game does not offer progressive jackpots or any other features of this sort, this game will not lose its appeal.


Hit or miss?

The graphic design is quite a bore. The gold bars barely activate your creative imagination and due to this, the game might burn you out if played for a long time.


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