12BET Sports News: 3 potential players to replace Messi at Barcelona in the future

No one can erase the fact that a legend cannot be replaced, and that fact applies to soccer superstar, one of the greatest if not the greatest player of all time, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. He is truly the team’s prized possession and the only player who brought nothing but excellence to the reigning champion team, Barcelona. Although they don’t want him to depart the squad, the 32-year old legend will sooner or later have to leave, to live outside the field. The million-dollar question is; who can fill the huge whole that the Argentinian pride will leave when he’s gone to the team? Be the first to know about our latest promotions and exclusive rewards only for you, plus, win extra cash if you register an account here at 12BTi Sportsbook! We have lots of bonuses to be given away, so hurry and be part of our campaign to earn more.

Here are the 3 potential players to possibly replace Messi at Barcelona:

1. Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
The only Argentine on the list and the closest, young version of Messi that Barcelona can ever get. Dybala is Juventus’ best player next to Cristiano Ronaldo and one of the most in demand in the transfer market now that Juventus decided to pull him out. Without Ronaldo in front of him, he could’ve been as big as Juventus’ number one player. His potentials are very massive and closely identical to Messi. Aside from he’s also from Argentina and he played alongside with Messi in Argentinian team, they share traits such as impeccable dribbling, outstanding speed and vision and the ability to catch up anywhere along the forward line. Also, he’s been very vocal in his desire as he mentioned in several occasions that he wants to play alongside Messi in a team and not only in the Argentinian national side.

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)
Barcelona’s personal pick is Liverpool’s lead man, Mohamed Salah. Last season of the Premiere League, Salah showcased a brilliant run for Liverpool, scoring 44 goals in all major competitions in which the Reds participated and with 14 assists last season. Meanwhile, this season he has 26 goals and 13 assists so far. The 26-year old forward is currently breaking Liverpool records and taking every league he played by storm. Few years from now, he will definitely be in the top 10 players in the world and will dominate every league will play to, with proper management and team coordination. Last year, it was all over the news that Messi demanded Salah in the team after Griezman’s alleged snub. Salah did not accept the offer. In the upcoming season, Barcelona is still eager to convince Salah to consider offer as Messi’s potential replacement.

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3. Neymar Jr. (PSG)
If this ex-Barcelona player won’t be in the list of Messi’s potential replacement then it’s probably the wrong list. He was once Barcelona’s top man next to Messi until he left in 2017 due to his ambition to lead his own team. He was considered to be Messi’s heir at Barcelona if not of that departure. The 27-year old Brazilian has the ability to replace the legendary player with his over the top skills, dribbles and impressive goals. He was also named as the best player in the world outside Messi and Ronaldo’s elite circle. If he considers going back to Barcelona, which he admitted that he has regrets of leaving the team, he can reclaim the rightful heir to Messi’s glory. Recently, PSG mentioned in a statement that Neymar will leave the club he played to after leaving Barcelona.

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