12BET News: Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona, delivered his statement despite the rumors towards his exit

Back from the year 2013-2014 was the time the Barcelona star Lionel Messi wanted to leave Camp Nou as he was given with an unfair treatment regarding his tax fraud case with the Spanish government. Messi stated this from a recent interview that with the idea of leaving Barca was only about leaving Spain and not the club. See 12BTi Sportsbook for all the exciting match to place your bet and win huge returns!

“At that time, with the mess of the treasury, I wanted to leave, not for wanting to leave Barca but wanting to leave Spain, “I felt that I was being very mistreated and I didn’t want to stay here.” Messi said to radio RAC1.

By July 2016 was the date where Messi and his father was declared guilty defrauding the officials amounting to $4.5 million from year 2007 to 2009. The consequence given to them was a 21-month suspension in prison, and a fine paid later by Messi worth $1.9 million.

“I felt that I was being very mistreated and I didn’t want to stay here. I never had an official offer because everyone knew my idea to stay here.” Messi stated.

“It was very difficult for me and my family because people don’t know much about what’s going on. The truth is that it was hard for everything that happened but it is better that my children were small and did not know.”

La Liga president Javier Tebas also shared his insight with Lionel Messi’s tax case, admitting he also feared after the interview saying about the unfair treatment towards Messi.

“We were never scared [that Messi would leave Spain] because we didn’t know what he was thinking,” Tebas said cited by Marca.

“With [this week’s] interview, I got scared and [then] I was relieved to see that, just as well, he decided to stay. In this low moment, he decided to continue.

“I want to thank Messi for continuing in our league. If he feels down again, he shouldn’t have any doubts that we will support him and call him, that we will keep supporting him.”

“I don’t think there was cruelty, but they were unfair with him as a physical person,” Tebas added.

“It’s clear that he didn’t sign or didn’t read everything. They would tell him where to sign and he would do it. I don’t read all the LaLiga contracts otherwise I’d be there all day. I’m convinced that it was an administrative issue and not criminal.”

Things were in the past and has been settled, Messi clearly stated until the end of his career is to remain at Barcelona to remove all the rumors about his next move.

Messi’s contract still last until 2021 by the month of June, and he would need to speak first Barcelona’s club president Josep Batomeu if he wish to renew another contract and retire at Camp Nou.

“If they want me, I would obviously be delighted to remain at Barca,” he said. “I reiterate that my aim has always been to stay here.

“Nothing has changed; it is as it has always been. Each time it becomes clearer that my aim and that of my family is to finish here. First because of how I am at the club, how I feel at the club, and secondly, for my family.

“I have not spoken to [Josep Bartomeu] since our Champions League elimination against Liverpool. But I have no problem with the president. I have never had any problems trying to sort out things with the club. On the contrary, it has been easy. Probably once it’s done [the renewal], there will be no problems and it will be done in no time.”

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