12BET NBA News: Lebron James responds to Jazz TV announcers on his shoeless celebration within the sidelines

King James and the Los Angeles Lakers got a good win game on the road defeating the Utah Jazz leading all four quarters ending into a 121 – 96 final score yet at the end of the day criticism hits the headlines. Get into the action as you play at 12BTi Sportsbook and select those amazing games you’ve been aspiring to play and get amazing returns to fulfill your experience!

After putting out what LeBron James does every single game for the team to get them another victory, he gets his time to rest as the minutes come to a close letting him sit back and let the rest of his teammates take their turn to play.

With the impressive double block by Kyle Kuzma rejecting Utah’s center Tony Bradley, the Utah Jazz announcers Matt Harping and Craig Bolerjack gave their feedback from what they saw on LeBron getting the excitement getting into the courtside without his shoes on after the remarkable play by his co-teammate.

Harping and Bolerjack commented on LeBron’s actions saying, “What is going on here? That’s some disrespect right there. Please.”

“Please. This isn’t playground ball,” Harpring said. “They are clowning right now, on that bench side.”

Los Angeles Lakers have won the game by 121 – 96 defeating the Utah Jazz, and with a day passed by, LeBron James responded by posting his reaction footage on his Instagram account with a message for the two announcers and the whole world regarding the matter.

“Imagine doing your job at the highest level to where you’re not needed anymore, giving your shoes to a lil girl and boy who you inspire and hoped you made proud that night, then cheering on your teammates cause you love seeing them succeed more than yourself only to be criticized while doing it. People it’s the world we live in and you can’t let it ever stop you from your purpose in life. Negativity, bad energy, hate, envy, etc etc will try to bring you down throughout your journey and it’s up to you on how you handle it. I handle it by simply saying “Thank You” with a 😁 on my face and continue to push forward while doing it! LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE 🙏🏾❤️👑”

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