12BET NBA News: Can LeBron’ roster bring Back Lakers’ Glory?

LeBron James is in but the important question is can his Lakers roster work? After the announcement of the Los Angeles Lakers stating James’ arrival to the team and the roster for this season, many fans and analysts are intrigued on how it will turn the table for the team and NBA itself. It’s obvious that James will play a big role in bringing the all-time favorite team back to glory and has the chance to top the playoffs. James previous games with the Lakers weren’t the best yet, but he will be back for more with by far the best backups.

With the help of rising big guy, Anthony David, Kyle Kuzma’s return and adding DeMarcus Cousins will give Lakers a great advantage in the coming season. James and Davis are by far the playmaker since they have the reputation of being the best shooters. Throwing Kuzma and Cousins on the floor with the two shooting masters will definitely fire up the game. “There’s no question this is a much stronger team that fits around LeBron better,” said one league executive.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Anthony Davis he said, “I always looked up to him. As a kid, [James] and Michael Jordan were the two guys I [admired].” Davis also admits that he was one of those kids watching the games of LeBron and looked forward to play with the two legends. Given the chemistry that these players are showing, it could be a huge threat to the rest of the NBA teams especially there are a lot of ongoing free agent issues and transfer dilemmas going on. While other teams are anxious on how they can get the big names, Lakers are plotting a robust comeback that will for sure hit the floor once the playoffs start kicking.

LeBron James has been one of the most talked about NBA icon and international athlete, and his name wearing jersey of one team is really a big deal. His multimillion contract with the City of Angels will end after 3 more seasons. His empire has just started with Lakers. He will for sure give more, so we have to watch out for the next playoffs. LeBron will not be tagged as “King” for nothing.

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